March 30, 2021 – AUSTIN, TEXAS

Iris, Inc., the leader in  technology-enabled Advance Care Planning (ACP) services for health plans, provider organizations and their members, announces a partnership with UMPQUA Health Alliance to perform ACP services for their Medicaid and Dual Eligible membership.

“Our partnership will empower UMPQUA members to remain in control of their healthcare. Our expert health care planning experts allow members facing serious medical conditions to document and  communicate their wishes to their loved ones, physicians and local healthcare facilities.” said Steve Wardle, Co-Founder and CEO of Iris. “We are honored to be working with UMPQUA, a forward-thinking organization that is dedicated to serving its members when they need support the most.”

UMPQUA members will have access to Iris Premier, an enhanced ACP service that includes disease-specific planning facilitated by healthcare professionals via phone or video, to discuss care options, resolve family disagreements, support physicians’ care goals and patients’ preferences. These services will help patients retain control of their healthcare, reduce family conflicts and avoid unwanted, non-beneficial care, which wastes $210 billion every year.

“Long before the COVID epidemic, Iris recognized and optimized the use of videoconferencing to overcome the barriers to Advance Care Planning. Involving health care planning experts experienced in the nuances and complexities of this process can take this burden from clinicians and allow them to initiate the conversation with their patients, knowing that Iris will pursue it to completion.” said Dr. Carr, Chief Medical Officer at UMPQUA Health. “This service is a boon to hard working primary care providers and to the Oregon Health Plan. I didn't have to sell it to my internal team. They supported it immediately and understood the benefit and power of what Iris’ technology offers.”

About Iris

Iris is the leading provider of customizable advance care planning (ACP) solutions for health plans and at-risk organizations. Our tech-enabled ACP solutions can be tailored to suit individual organization and member needs across broad populations and geographies, with a customized approach based on demographics, disease acuity and technical ability.

Iris’ comprehensive suite of ACP solutions deliver improved healthcare utilization, metrics and member outcomes by facilitating important conversations that support individuals in understanding, sharing and documenting their preferences for future medical care. 

About UMPQUA Health

Umpqua Health, rooted in Douglas County, OR is an integrated network of skilled local providers delivering high quality healthcare for Douglas County residents. UMPQUA Health works closely with community partners to evaluate ongoing healthcare needs and issues, while collaborating on local solutions.

The Umpqua Health Alliance (UHA), is one of 15 coordinated care organizations (CCOs) in Oregon that has served members of the Oregon Health Plan since 2012. UHA connects more than 26,000 Douglas County OHP members to physical, behavioral, oral, and dental care through an integrated network of providers. 

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