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Who is Iris?

Iris Healthcare is a visionary leader in providing value-added advance care planning (ACP) through a comprehensive suite of tech-enabled solutions for at-risk providers across member populations. Our ACP solutions aim at reducing unnecessary care utilization, lowering cost of care, improving care quality, and member experience by ensuring that members receive medical care that is consistent with their values, goals and preferences.

Learn about our impact through the words of a family that entrusted us with their care.

The Problem

When individuals face a serious illness, healthcare becomes central to their life.

In a crisis, every healthcare decision can have a major impact.

Our Solution

Most of us plan carefully for many kinds of decisions to make sure we get the quality and experience we want.

At Iris, we believe that healthcare decisions deserve the same level of consideration as buying a home, planning a wedding or any other major life event. And we’re ready to help.

The Problem

Most people remember less than half of what their doctors tell them and often they don’t recall the conversations accurately. (Brown University School of Public Health)

That means most people make major healthcare decisions without fully understanding their choices.

Our Solution

Iris facilitators talk with individuals and family members about their health and their options for future care.

Our process helps people understand their choices and make informed decisions about the kind of care they want.

The Problem

66% of all U. S. personal bankruptcies are due to medical issues, including healthcare costs and lost work time.

530,000 American families file for bankruptcy every year due to overwhelming medical costs. (CNBC)

Our Solution

Healthcare is a key component of quality of life, and individuals want the best quality care they can access.

Advance care planning helps them get the care they want and avoid unnecessary or non-beneficial care.

The Problem

Dealing with any serious illness or medical crisis is stressful for individuals and their loved ones.

Facing major medical decisions without a plan places a burden on families and raises the stress level for everyone involved.

Our Solution

Creating an advance care plan with Iris offers peace of mind for individuals, family members and healthcare providers by clarifying preferences before a health crisis.

Meet Our Experts

All of our facilitators are healthcare experts with years of experience helping individuals and families make choices that support their goals for living well.

They facilitate discussions via phone or video conference to help people dealing with serious illness understand the kind of care they want to receive. Then they create a personalized advance care plans and directives to share with family members, doctors, and anyone who needs  to know.

How does it work?

Personalized support and family discussion with an expert
Our healthcare experts facilitate conversations with individuals and any family members they choose to include, to talk about medical conditions, goals for living well, decisions about future care and assign their healthcare agents.

Personalized advance care plans and directives
Iris facilitators document advance care plans so that patient wishes are clear to family and doctors. Our easy-to-read plan will include their full set of official advance directives to doctors and hospital, plus an easy-to-read summary for individual’s and their family.

Secure, supported communication 
Once the advance care plan is executed, Iris sends it to family members, care teams and points of care. Iris will also store the plan on a secure personal webpage for easy access by authorized individuals. If preferences or goals change, facilitators are available to update care plans as needed.

Success Stories

Our facilitator was excellent and helped us to feel confident about our decisions. It was a very positive and personalized experience for our family and led to great conversations with our children and put our worries and concerns at ease.

Gary & Becky Schmidt | Plainfield, IL

Iris Healthcare took the lead, contacted my members and coordinated with their families to identify care preferences. As a result, 90% of my members who completed a facilitation with Iris Healthcare now have signed Advance Directives in place.

Health Plan Executive

Patients embrace this wholeheartedly and are thankful they have been offered this service.

Physician Partner

Advance Care Planning helped me understand what I want out of my healthcare (which is complicated!) It also opened my eyes to things that turned out to be important that I never knew.

Susan George | Binghamton, NY

This is a very valuable service, and the approach Iris Healthcare takes was convenient for everyone. I highly recommend Iris Healthcare for Advance Care Planning support.

Health Plan Executive

It works great. We just hand Iris Healthcare a list of patients and they take care of everything. I definitely recommend their service.

Physician Partner

I think this was fantastic! It’s brought out a lot of stuff that we probably wouldn’t be thinking about or thought about but never get it on paper.

Member | Florida

Iris Healthcare is a natural third-party solution. Advance Care Planning is difficult for a health plan to offer directly.

Health Plan Executive

I thought we did Advance Care Planning until we started working with Iris.

Physician Partner

Want to learn more?

Reach us at  1-800-845-2081 or email us at [email protected]