For Clinicians

Why Advance Care Planning?

Research shows that primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists agree that health care planning, also known as advance care planning (ACP), helps them deliver the best outcomes, reduce patient and family stress and ensure patients receive the care they want.

However, these conversations can be filled with stress, uncertainty and even conflict. Creating state-sanctioned advance directives (ADs) is time-intensive and requires attention to legal and compliance issues that clinics are not optimized to support.

Partnering with Iris can keep your practice team focused on the delivery of excellent care while providing a beneficial service to your patients by allowing them to advocate for their future care and to feel empowered in their care decisions. This approach enables better care coordination, enhances the patient experience and improves outcomes.

As a PCP, you will own the patient relationship throughout the entire process while Iris health care planning experts work as an extension of your care team to execute ACP conversations and documentation on your behalf. Iris compliments the great work you are currently doing, allowing you to focus on delivering high quality care and enabling you to provide end-of-life care aligned with your patient’s wishes.

Why Work With Iris?

How We Help

What We Do – We’re the health care planning experts

  • We work with your patients and their families to start important care discussions.
  • We help patients and families get their questions answered before a crisis.
  • We help patients and their loved ones resolve conflicts before a plan is put into place.
  • We share with you all your patients’ preferences.
  • We securely store and update your patients’ plans.
  • We make patient plans available in advance and in real time to you and other authorized parties.
  • We save you time and support your delivery of the best possible care to your patients.

What We Don't Do – You’re the Doctor

  • We don’t provide care.
  • We don’t bill for our services.
  • We don’t advise your patients on their care choices or second-guess your recommendations.
  • We don’t undermine your relationship with your patients.
  • We don’t create conflicts of interest.
Lower Hospital Admissions for Enrolled Patients
Lower Cost by Reduction in Unnecessary Care
Physician Satisfaction with CACP
Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Patient Satisfaction


“I thought we did advance care planning until we started working with Iris. I do not do what Iris health care planning experts do.”

Clinical Partner

“My patients embraced this program wholeheartedly and are thankful they have been offered this opportunity.”

Clinician Partner

“The process works great. We just introduced our patients to Iris and they took care of everything, including documentation. I definitely recommend their ACP program.”

Clinician Partner