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Improve Plan Performance with Advance Care Planning: Iris Advance Care Planning solutions lead to cost-savings for health plans while delivering person-centred care that improves outcomes and experiences for patients and loved ones.

Iris delivers improved health outcomes, member experience and cost savings to your plan with our intuitive and customizable Advance Care Planning solutions.

Health plans face challenges in balancing the need to lower costs while transforming healthcare to be more patient-centric. Global healthcare costs, due in part to aging populations and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, are at an all-time high, growing faster than inflation and increasing at an unsustainable pace. Our Advance Care Planning solutions can help your plan drive appropriate care utilization and cost savings, improve member health outcomes and deliver a member oriented care planning experience.

Our technology-enabled solutions assist providers in delivering better end-of-life (EOL) care and, at the same time, improve the performance of the network.

Iris ACP solutions can help your plan:

  • Identify High-Need, High-Cost (HNHC) members with automated workflows
  • Drive care management outcomes with provider & member ACP engagement
  • Connect high-risk members with SDoH and Palliative Care resources
  • Provide whole-person care for improved health outcomes

More people than ever live with serious illness, and it can be an overly stressful and costly experience. We can do better.

Advance Care Planning (ACP) helps people dealing with serious illness to think about the kind of care they want, before there’s a crisis. ACP can improve the cost, quality and experience of care for seriously ill people while reducing unwanted or ineffective care.

The Challenge

  • 0

    People living with serious Illness—and rising

  • Poor

    Quality and experience for everyone involved

  • 0

    Spent annually on ineffective or unwanted care

What We Do

Advance Care Planning

Iris Plans

We provide Advance Care Planning (ACP) services to families dealing with serious illness. ACP is shown to improve the experience of care while decreasing unnecessary utilization. This vital service is also performed by palliative care (PC) providers when they are available.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of seriously ill people do not have access to ACP due to a national shortage of PC providers and other regulatory barriers. Iris fills that need with a highly scalable ACP model.

Family & Caregiver Support

Iris Cares

Most caregivers want a voice in their loved one’s care, have questions about care options and need additional caregiver support. However, many caregivers work during the same hours when care is delivered, so they’re often shut out of being fully involved or receiving additional guidance and resources.

Iris brings the family and other loved ones into planning conversations at convenient times, including evenings and weekends. Everyone can express their views, ask questions and share their expectations. Empowering caregivers with ACP and other needed resources drives better outcomes for all.

Palliative Care Referrals

Iris Supports

Iris helps people dealing with serious illness to receive additional support when they needed it. Iris tracks its members over time and makes referrals to in-home and outpatient palliative care at the right time when symptom management is required. Palliative care is a valuable resource that increases care quality and value, but it is scarce and difficult to scale.

Iris maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of palliative care, connecting the right people at the right time with this valuable but scarce resource.

Iris ACP Results

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    Lower Hospital Admissions

  • 0

    Cost Reductions by Eliminating Unnecessary Care

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    Avg. Member Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • 0

    Avg. Physician Satisfaction

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How Iris ACP Works

Iris is the most comprehensive Advance Care Planning solution in the industry.

  • Identification

    Iris' proprietary algorithms identify people who would benefit the most from ACP.

  • ACP Discussions

    Health care experts facilitate ACP discussions with patients and family.

  • Signed Advance Directives

    Living WIlls, MPOA, POLST & Iris' plain-English AD summary are drafted, signed and distributed.

  • Ongoing Support

    Iris provides ongoing ACP, caregiver support and palliative care referrals.

Why Iris?

  • Specialized Skills

    We have master facilitators with specialized training and years of experience.

  • Connection to Palliative Care

    We maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of scarce palliative care resources.

  • Neutral Third Party

    We provide unbiased support from a trusted guide outside the payer/provider value chain.

  • Nationally Available and Scalable

    Iris is available in-home nationwide, both urban and rural, via phone or video.

  • Family Involvement and Education

    Iris helps families understand and prepare for critical care decisions they may face.

  • Care Team Communication

    Iris sends updates, ADs and other goals of care to the doctor(s), hospital and family.

Iris Clients

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