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Welcome to Health Care Planning

Iris partners with healthcare organizations to deliver health care planning to patients to better align goals of care. Partnering with Iris can keep clinicians and practices focused on the delivery of excellent care while providing a beneficial service to individuals by allowing them to advocate for their future care and to feel empowered in their care decisions. Our high-touch and individual approach to health care planning results in better care coordination, enhances the patient experience and improves outcomes.

Health Care Is:

The Iris Standard

Our deep experience in health care planning allow us to provide meaningful and beneficial guidance to individuals through the full lifecycle.  This creates a supportive, guided process for individuals while also reducing the time-intensive, complex burden of goals of care discussions for clinicians. We provide a high level of care and compassion, treating individuals as if they were our own family by putting them first.

Our Facilitators

Our specially trained and licensed health care facilitators provide phone or video consultations to support highly individualized health care planning using a technology enabled process to document patient wishes. Our facilitators help patients communicate their goals of care and capture those in individualized advance directive documents which are shared with care teams and family members. The facilitators also address symptoms and other medical care needs, social determinants of health, and the needs of caregivers.

Iris Facilitators:

  • Empower individuals with disease specific education and understanding their condition(s)
  • Deliver information on treatment options to reduce anxiety and concerns about future care
  • Enable individuals to take the most appropriate action based on care goals and values

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